Mesker Park Zoo may be closed to the public, but they're still finding fun and creative ways for the public to enjoy the zoo. Each week they've been hosting live streams of different animals, and it's been really cool to see them pull back the curtain on our local zoo.  Not only are these videos fun because we can really get up close and personal (well, virtually) with these animals, they're also a great learning tool. Each lives stream has people from all over asking questions and learning about the animals. If you've got kids at home, I highly recommend watching a Mesker Park Zoo live stream with them.  As it's a great learning opportunity.

Be sure to follow Mesker Park Zoo on Facebook to keep up to date with their live streams so you don't miss one.  This week's lineup include:

  • Tuesday @ 2:30- Camels
  • Wednesday @ 2:00 Jaguar Training
  • Thursday @ 1:00 Nocturnal
  • Friday @ 1:30 Zookeeper BTS slideshow

And if you want to show support for Mesker Park Zoo in this time, you can make a donation here.   Another great way to show your support is renewing your zoo membership, which you can do here.

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