The Fourth of July has passed, and, before you know it--maybe even before you finish reading this sentence--your favorite big box retailer will have devoted multiple aisles to back-to-school merchandise. And then--just like that--it will be fall.

Is early July TOO early to start wishing for autumn weather? It isn't for me, and when you throw in the kind of wonderful opportunity to experience fall in Kentucky like the Kentucky Railway Museum in New Haven provides, some might say that it can't get here quick enough.

Don't get me wrong; the Kentucky Railway Museum offers fun summer tours throughout the season.

But there's nothing quite like experiencing fall colors and scenery in the Commonwealth from the seat of a passenger train.

The Autumn Express leaves the station September 28th, and kids will love it. From a bounce house to the petting zoo to picking their own pumpkins from the patch, they'll never want to leave. Plus, you can't forget the photo op with Spike the Bear.

But maybe you want to save your excursion for fall break. Well, you're in luck. The Fall Break Express runs from October 1st through October 8th.

However, you may looking for a theme. If so, you are in for a treat with the Train Robbery Excursion. Don't panic; it's all in fun. And what fun you'll have on this family-friendly adventure featuring Clayton's Wild Bunch. And since it IS a train "robbery", passengers will have the opportunity to donate to the WHAS Crusade for Children.

No, it ISN'T too early to think about fall...especially if you want to board one of these awesome excursions.

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