Phantom Regiment Facebook
Phantom Regiment Facebook

Owensboroans have you been hearing beautiful music floating through the air the past month? Especially around Kentucky Wesleyan College?

The radio station is right across from Steele Stadium, so it has felt like we've had backstage passes as the Phantom Regiment drum and bugle corp rehearse at their Spring Camp. The band members moved onto campus May 21st to practice for the upcoming 2024 tour. This year, the regiment has about half returning members and half newbies, all extremely talented and determined musicians.

Comprised of young people ages 14-21, the goal of this world-renowned group goes beyond the music. The Regiment website shares, "Our programs teach young-people the essential skills necessary to become leaders in their communities, businesses, classrooms, and beyond. Our accomplished alumni can be found throughout the world, and are connected through a shared performing arts experience.

Whether you are a member, parent, staff, volunteer, donor, or simply a fan: welcome to the phamily."

If you are a PHAN, you'll be able to watch the Phantom Regiment perform this week here in Owensboro at Steele Stadium.

Here is a bit of a preview for you shared by Drum Corps International.

This Friday, June 14th at 7PM, the regiment is ready to perform their program for an official audience. It is FREE! So make your plans to pack Steele Stadium at Kentucky Wesleyan College. You won't want to miss the show.

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To support the Phantom Regiment or learn more about the program, visit

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