A few years ago--certainly within the last ten--I noticed what looked like a silver pill flying through the air. My first thought? "Finally, my first UFO sighting." Hey, it qualified, because I couldn't identify it. But there were no "little green men" involved; it was a drone, and it was first time I'd ever seen one.

I wasn't sure how far away it was and wondered if it could be a headache--or worse--for any air traffic that day. Now that I know far more about drones, I've learned the answer is a resounding YES.

AirSight informs us that the Federal Aviation Administration stays busy fielding reports of drones posing potential risks to airplanes. On average, more than 250 monthly complaints are registered regarding drones, some of them because they're flying too close to airports. With that in mind, check out THIS scary demonstration:

So while flying drones is legal in Kentucky, they are subject to the same FAA guidelines and restrictions traditional aircraft must follow. And if any DO come in contact with manned aircraft, or if the possibility even exists, that would be a violation. According to FutureFlight, drones are required to fly below 400 feet and travel at speeds under 100 miles per hour. This means most of them are less than 55 pounds.

Six years ago, the FAA dove into an investigation in Las Vegas after seeing this alarming footage:

Drone operators in the Commonwealth also have guidelines from the Kentucky Department of Aviation they must follow.

Drones are a blast, and I want one. I believe they have revolutionized photography for one thing, but I do see issues involving privacy. That's another area in which a drone operator could get into trouble...spying. Yes, governments use them for just that purpose, but I wouldn't let a personal one clear someone's privacy fence, if you know what I mean.

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