When a milestone birthday comes around, you can celebrate it in a few different ways! For some, a nice meal and a movie will do. For others, maybe it’s a day of quiet reflection, gratitude, and thinking about the future. And then of course there are birthday parties surrounded by friends and family with no strings attached other than just hanging out and enjoying each other's company. However you choose to embrace your special day, I hope you own it and enjoy every bit of it.

On that note, if you’re in need of birthday party inspiration, or just looking for something to brighten your day, this video from Monica Leigh from Tennessee might just do the trick.

The theme was my best friend, Beth’s, idea and it was her 40th birthday. The backstory is when thinking of a theme for her 40th birthday we threw for her at our friend's farm (that included really cool treehouse airbnbs in southern KY, Tree Tops of Mammoth that back up to Mammoth Cave) she kept going back to 90s country theme and we all ran with the idea. I knew we would HAVE to make a video to showcase everyone’s amazing costumes and that’s just what we did. From the Judds to the Queen of the double-wide trailer herself, we showed up and showed out! It was the best night and we are still laughing about it!

Monica shows in the video below that Beth's friends embraced her 40th birthday in a style fit for a 90's country music fan. Well, for the most part. Monica went on to tell us that there was a bit of staging involved but the end result was huge.

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Everyone was tired of me making them re-do their parts but no one was complaining when we went viral and everyone loved the video, ha!

In my book, it's a good costume when you just "know" who it is, and all of these outfits are down to a tee. But it's not just the fun outfits because the presentations are awesome too! When the door swings open, that confidence shines through from everyone. Right away we see a whole crew of 90's country stars--and make no mistake, if you're a 90's country music star, you're a star forever. We've got Garth Brooks, Sammy Kershaw, Alan Jackson, Reba, Shania Twain, The Judds, and is that someone dressed as the “watermelon crawl,” complete with a baby bump watermelon? I believe it is!

I asked Beth, the birthday girl, where she came up with the idea in the first place.

My friends are so great for throwing the 40th birthday party of my dreams! I’ve always been a huge fan of 90s country so when I started thinking of themes for my 40th, I knew that I had to go with it! It’s hard to beat the tunes of Reba, Shania, Garth and Sammy! My friends truly understood the assignment! Fancy/Reba was my favorite character. I made a wish when I blew out my candles that our video would go viral. It still amazes me that my honky tonk dream came true!

I respect the total commitment to the theme here. You can't just do something like this at 50%. You're either all in or all out and Beth's birthday party was full of folks going all in to bring her some joy on her special day. I love to see it! Happy birthday, Beth - hope 40 is a great one!

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