We now have an idea of how good of a view we will have of the total solar eclipse in Indiana.

You might remember back on August 21st, 2017, for a brief period of time, some people here in Indiana took a moment to stop and look at the sky. The reason was we were very close to the path of totality of the last solar eclipse so we had a pretty good look at it. I can remember putting those eclipse glasses on to look up. It went from daylight to dusk pretty fast, and then before you knew it, the skies lit back up again. It was truly a sight to see. However, if you thought that was cool, wait until April 8th, 2024, that is when we will get an even better eclipse experience, as a lot of Indiana will be in the path of totality. The day will become night for a few minutes, and it will be something that everyone will be talking about for a while.

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2024 Solar Eclipse in Indiana

NASA has a fully interactive map which you can see here, where you can see exactly within the path of totality where Indiana lies. NationalEclipse.com also has some great maps where you can see the duration of totality we can expect in your area, and what time the eclipse will be happening. It's pretty cool that we will be in the path of totality here in the Evansville area, and a lot of Indiana. Here's a quick video to give you an idea of what we can expect from the solar eclipse in Indiana:

It's going to be quite the sight to see here in Indiana...but how clear will the skies be for our total solar eclipse viewing on April 8th?

Potential Viewing Conditions for the Eclipse in Indiana

Long-range weather experts at AccuWeather have released their predictions as to how cloudy it will be on April 8th. Southern Texas and areas of the Ohio Valley and Great Lakes currently have the best chance of favorable weather based on the latest data, AccuWeather Senior Meteorologist Paul Pastelok said. That's great news. However, looking at the graphic that AccuWeather posted, the viewing conditions in Indiana are a little mixed.

The majority of the state in which the path of totality lies will have good viewing conditions. However, looking closer at the map, you'll notice that the southwest tip of Indiana is showing fair weather for the eclipse. That means us here in the Evansville area.

Of course, we know that these are just predictions, and the weather can always change its mind from now until then. So, we have the chance for a few clouds in the sky during the time of the eclipse here in Evansville, but the rest of the state should have a great view. We'll have to keep an eye on the weather as April 8th gets closer. Hopefully, all Hoosiers will have a great view of this once-in-a-lifetime event.

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