The superstar artist has seen the video of the adorable 2-year-old Indiana girl going crazy when she hears his song and he has thoughts.

Jelly Roll is one of the hottest acts in Country Music right now. Since transitioning from the world of Hip-Hop, despite not having "the look" of a traditional country singer, he's been welcomed with open arms not only by other country artists but also by fans who appreciate and can relate to the struggles he's faced throughout his life that he shares through his lyrics. Nearly every one of his concerts is a sell-out and a majority of the fans in attendance know the words to every song he performs. It's also not uncommon to see fans in those crowds brought to tears as soon as they hear the first couple of notes of their favorite song. However, I'm not sure any of them have the same reaction as this young fan.

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Watch 2-Year-Old Indiana Girl Go Bonkers When She Hears Jelly Roll

Janeen Hurley's 2-year-old granddaughter loves Jelly Roll. Honestly, I'm not sure if "loves" is a strong enough word for it based on the reaction she has when she hears his songs. According to her mom, Tiffany, any time she hears one of her songs on the radio, she absolutely loses it. Not in a 2-year-old-tantrum kind of way, but more like Santa bringing her the gift she's always wanted on Christmas morning. However, after watching her reaction when she hears the first few bars of Jelly Roll's monster hit single, "Need a Favor," I'm not sure Santa can even hold a candle.

Janeen captured one of these moments and shared it on Facebook back on October 28th. For the first half-second, it looks like she's getting ready to freak out, but not in a good way. Then she lets out an excited, "YEAH!" and wildly starts swinging her arms and legs to show that she is all about it. Take a look.

As you can imagine, the video was shared several times. Tiffany shared it herself on Instagram a few days later with the hope Jelly Roll himself would see it. Not only did he see it, he commented on it.

Tiffany Appell via Instagram
Tiffany Appell via Instagram

In case the picture is hard to read, Jelly replied to Tiffany's video with, "Omg this might be the single cutest video I've ever seen."

I can't imagine how many social media notifications he gets on a daily basis, so for him to take time out of what I imagine is a non-stop schedule just proves what a great guy he is and why he's loved by millions of fans.

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