You can stay overnight and go on a paranormal investigation at a massive old sanatorium.


The Indiana State Sanatorium

Located in Rockville, Indiana sits the old Indiana State Sanatorium.  According to the Indiana State University Library, the Indiana State Sanatorium was once called the Indiana State Tuberculosis Hospital and was opened in 1907.  The Sanatorium had great success with curing tuberculosis and in 1919 the name was changed to the Indiana State Sanatorium.  The old building was abandoned in 2011 but then purchased in 2020 where the new owner sets up tours and overnight stays (IndyStar).


Tours at Indiana State Sanatorium

I think abandoned places are absolutely incredible, and it's rare there's an abandoned place that we have the chance to legally explore.  Indiana State Sanatorium offers different options if you are an adventurer and want to see what this abandoned property looks like up close and personal.  According to their website, they are open every day for roaming tours, they also have special flashlight tours and overnight accommodations.  If you want to see Indiana State Sanatorium for yourself, you can find all of the info about their tours and book your tour, here.  But if you're brave enough, there is an overnight paranormal investigation happening that you can be a part of.


Investigate ISS Overnight

Get Haunted is hosting a special overnight investigation at Indiana State Sanatorium on April 27th. At the event you will be able to roam around the property, and investigate any paranormal activity you may come across.  Who knows what you'll come face to face with! If you're interested, you can get your tickets, here. 

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Do you want to challenge yourself to an amazing exploration in one beast of a location?
Come check out Indiana State Sanatorium (Rockville, IN) with Get Haunted on April 27th.
This massive location has over 12 buildings and thousands of feet of steam tunnels to investigate. Activity reported here includes everything from unexplained noises, disembodied voices, shadow figures and more!
This is Get Haunted's first visit to this amazing location and we want to share that first time excitement with you!
Grab your ticket(s) by clicking the link:

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