Camp Crystal Lake comes to Evansville.

Burdette Park

Located on Evansville's west side sits Burdette Park.  Burdette Park was founded in 1936, and is home to 180 acres of fun.  From the Aquatic Center which is a staple for summertime family fun in the Tri-State, to the gorgeous park with trails, cabins, and plenty to do there's something for everyone at this west side gem.

Since its foundation in 1936, Burdette Park has been a landmark for family fun. The park is comprised of approximately 180 acres of woods and hills in southwestern Indiana and remains open to the public 365 days a year. Park management and staff are passionate and dedicated to providing a safe and inclusive environment for everyone in our community.


An Exciting Announcement

For a few weeks, Burdette Park has been teasing an exciting announcement online.  On the Burdette Park Facebook page we've been seeing teasters alluding to something Friday the 13th themed.  They shared a Jason Voorhees Mask, and a Camp Crystal Lake sign with "Crystal Lake" changed to Burdette Park.  So what could this mean?




Well in a way, Camp Crystal Lake IS coming to Burdette Park for the first-ever "Fright Night" event showing the movie in the park.  Watching a movie about a summer camp that goes awry thanks to a masked maniac at a park that feels eerily similar to Camp Crystal Lake sounds like the ultimate fright night.

The event will have a showing of Friday the 13th, as well as food trucks, and the hockey-masked man himself, Jason Voorhees.

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The event will take place on October 19th.  Here is what Burdette Park says about the upcoming Fright Night event:

Burdette has been a great place to make memories since it opened in 1936. The team out here loves thinking outside of the box and finding new ways to provide enjoyment to the community. In the summer of 2018, we turned one of our ‘crazy’ ideas into reality by having the first ever Burdette Park Float-In. This was a drive-in style event where guests watched “Jaws” from the comfort of a float at the Aquatic Center. The float ins were a huge success but the park hasn’t had community event since.

Until now….
The park very much mimics the look of Camp Crystal Lake, the camp from the 1980 blockbuster film “Friday the 13th”. The property mirrors the camp from the movie so well that we have decided to show the film! That’s right - this fall, Jason Voorhees will make his debut at the park for the 1st annual Fright Night on Saturday, October 19th, 2024. The film series has several versions and remakes, but we will be showing the original film from1980 for this event.
Guests will be invited to watch the film on a 40-foot screen in our main parking lot, just south of the Aquatic Center. The park will offer seating on hay bales, but guests are welcome to bring their own chairs. To be clear, this is not a drive-in style event – no vehicles will be permitted in the viewing area. Instead, guests will park on the eastside of the park and enjoy a ‘frightening’ walk to the viewing area. This will include picture opportunities with Jason Voorhees himself at the Lakeside Shelter! Along with scares from some other fan favorite horror characters.
This is a non-alcoholic event and guests will be encouraged to visit the 2 food trucks located near the main office. Both food vendors have confirmed a full menu will be available including popcorn.
Tickets are $20 each and go on sale August 12th
Gates open at 7:00pm CST, Movie starts at 9:00pm CST.
More details to come……

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