Taking your dog for a walk should be a peaceful relaxing experience. For one Missouri man, it was the opposite. He was out on a walk with his dog when he suddenly realized there were green eyes staring at him from the woods from something extremely tall.

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The Bigfoot Field Research Organization is one of the most respected outlets for reporting strange encounters with the unexplained in the woods. One of the most recent reports from August of 2023 comes from a Missouri man.

According to the details of the report shared, this encounter happened "one third of a mile southeast of the Lathrop Rest Area Southbound off Interstate 35 ; roughly 27 miles northeast of Kansas City, MO". It was after midnight when he had an experience he'll never forget.

As the man tells the story, he was taking his dogs for a walk and brought a spotlight with him because there had been lots of coyote activity nearby recently. He said that he turned his light toward a soybean field when he saw "two sets of glowing eyes so I shined back and from my perspective these eyes were at least 7ft tall".

One thing I appreciate about the BFRO is they do follow-up investigations. The notes from the investigator on this Missouri case are chilling. Here is their word-for-word account:

Witness reported that when he initially saw these creatures there were two sets of green eyes reflecting the spotlight. Both sets were leaning back and forth behind the tall bush. The appeared three times.

One set of eyes were 1' taller than the other. When he lowered the light, the shorter set of eyes had moved to the bush to the right of the path. He estimated that the eyes were golf ball sized. He had heard crashing noises in woods prior to the encounter. This path is 12' wide. Approximate height was over 6' tall.

It's one thing to have someone claim to see something weird. The fact that this Holt, Missouri area case include multiple witnesses makes it more credible and compelling. Did he really have one or maybe even two Bigfoot or some creature staring at him from the woods? I don't doubt that he believes what he saw is accurate. Time will tell if proof comes forth showing what he really saw that night in the soybean field.

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