Sorry, Chicago...The best BBQ in the state of Illinois is located in a small town in the central part of the state. Here are the details on the award-winning BBQ that is a must-try for foodies in the Land of Lincoln.

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According to the Illinois Foodies Facebook page, they have officially decided the winner of their 2023 Best BBQ in Illinois winner, and the winner is...Dac's Smokehouse in Morton, Illinois. Morton is located just south and east of Peoria, and the food at Dac's Smokehouse makes it seem like it is worth the drive there from your part of the state. On the Facebook post, they say...

"If you’re ever in Central Illinois, Dac’s Smokehouse BBQ is a must visit. Their handcrafted menu includes features like pulled pork, brisket, smoked chicken wings, Buffalo chicken loaded fries, burgers, Dac’s Mac N’ Cheese and MORE. They have over 15 sauces & 4 dry rubs to choose from! But that’s not all: they have amazing, seasonal desserts for the perfect finisher to any meal!

I have never been to Dac's Smokehouse but after cruising around their Facebook page I can now safely say, I'm planning a road trip! The food looks incredible, the restaurant itself looks great, and the menu is mouthwatering. Some of the things on the menu that I have put on my "must-try" list include the Buffalo Chicken Loaded Fries, the Brisket Plate, and of course the Big Dac Burger. Congrats to Dac's Smokehouse for winning Best BBQ from Illinois Foodies, and check out the menu for yourself by clicking here!

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