Hollywood's biggest night is Sunday and Illinois is known for bringing home tons of Oscar gold! If you want to win an Oscar being from Illinois is a huge help, here are the details...

According to multiple sources like en.as.com and news10.com, people from Illinois have won more Oscars than any other state besides California and New York! It is no shock to me that California leads the way with Oscar wins and that New York is second, but it is a testament to the star power in the Land of Lincoln for coming in 3rd, after all, Illinois is the 6th most populated state.

Who are some of the Oscar winners from the state of Illinois? According to KDHL, winners from Illinois include the legendary Frances McDormand, the icon Charlton Heston, and Chicago's own Robin Williams and Jennifer Hudson!

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Why does Illinois have so many Oscar winners?

Chicago definitely plays a part in all of this, not every Oscar winner from Illinois is from Chicago, but the lure of the Second City shines through all the small towns in the Land of Lincoln. What I mean by that is that Chicago is an entertainment mecca, it is a hub for acting, writing, directing, filming, and overall stardom. Besides New York City, Chicago is the theatre capital of the country, and besides Los Angeles, Chicago is one of the top 3 film hubs in the country. And just knowing that if you can take the train from a small town in Illinois to the big city of Chicago, you could launch a career that leads to Oscar glory, resonates through the state, and inspires more people in Illinois to dream big. It makes total sense to me that Illinois has the 3rd most Oscars, and we aren't slowing down any time soon!

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