This is one of the most brilliant pieces of branding ever. It's now my favorite bar even though the chances of me ever going there are slim.

Oh, and to be correct, I should be referring to it as a pub.

Let's travel to the United Kingdom to the town of Swansea, the second largest city in Wales. Welcome to the pub formerly called The Maltsters Arms. Here's what it looked like before the name change that is going viral because the hilariously brilliant branding is so witty and fun.

With the name change comes some rules which are equally as creative, tpo.

The Maltsters Arms new name is The Gym. According to the Daily Mail out of the UK. this kitschy name change is to help those with New Year's goals of hitting the gym several times a week

Isn't this witty and fantastic putting a smile on your face? The Dail Mail says it's the brainchild of Au Vodka UK. 

Now maybe you're thinking "wait, I've heard of this before." I know personally I've seen silly memes that say something along the lines of someone should open a bar and name it the gym so people can keep their New Year's resolutions.

But have you ever seen it?

According to the Daily Mail, this is so punters can give an honest answer to their partners and technically themselves about going to the gym. I mean anyone with a workout-inspired resolution isn't cheating now, right?

Drinks are even served out of barbell-shaped glasses. Brilliant.

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