Today, September 7th is National Beer Lovers Day!  Here in the United States, beer has been popular since the mid 1800's when German immigrants arrived to continue their rich brewing history.  Evansville, Indiana had its own rich history with its own brewery dating back to 1863 with Sterling Brewery.  

The original Sterling Brewery was built at 330-430 Fulton Avenue in Evansville, IN.  In 1880, the brewery was moved across the street to its modern facilities four stories tall.

In 1972, G. Heileman Brewery (LaCrosse, WI) bought the company. The plant was used to make many of the brands they acquired from other breweries including Cooks from Evansville, from Terre Haute - Champagne Velvet, and Drewrys from South Bend.

On October 1, 1997, the brewery declared bankruptcy and closed their business.

Quick Timeline of Sterling Brewery 

1880 Fulton Avenue Brewery is built
1890 Partially rebuilt after collapse
1894 Becomes part of the Evansville Brewing Association
c1920 Sterling Brewery
1972 Bought by G Heileman Brewery
1988 Becomes Evansville Brewing Co
1998 Brewery is razed

Pictured below:  Sterling Brewery dated around 1980.

Sterling Brewery in Evansville IN; Facebook
Sterling Brewery in Evansville IN; Facebook
Sterling Beer can; credit by Deb Turner
Sterling Beer can; credit by Deb Turner
'Andy Murray' Makes A Special Appearance At A Wimbledon Pub Ahead Of His Centre Court Debut.
Getty Images for Taylor Walker

Picture below:  My husband's collection of beer cans!

beer cans; credit by Deb Turner
beer can collection; credit by Deb Turner

As of 2016, were over 5,300 beer breweries in the United States! Cheers! (source:

Sources: and National Calendar Day

For more information on Sterling Brewery visit Historic

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