Here's an example of something silly and nonsensical, morphing into something way bigger than it was ever intended...and now it's a thing! And the thing in question here is my impression of Tom Hanks. Is it ridiculous, or is it pretty okay?

How about a little backstory? Liberty and I were doing a fun little quiz on the MY Morning Show, where I would read a movie quote and she would try and name the movie. One of those lines was the famous "There's no crying in baseball" scene from A League of Their Own. I knew Liberty would get it right, so I thought I would try and recreate that scene in my own Tom Hanks voice, which I did. Almost immediately, Liberty laughs and says, and I quote, "that voice you just did is ridiculous!"

I'll admit that Tom Hanks is not in my arsenal of impressions, but I thought my version of the line was pretty decent. I feel like it captured the essence of what Tom's was feeling. It was certainly not 'ridiculous' and it certainly sounded nothing like a doggone Muppet!

Liberty has her opinion and I have mine, and we clearly don't see eye to eye on this one (and it has nothing to do with the fact that I'm a full foot taller than her). So we need you, an unbiased third party, to weigh in and settle the debate once and for all.

Watch the clip of Tom Hanks (the whole scene is worth seeing again, but if you can skip to :42 if you just want the 'crying' line) and then listen to my interpretation. Once you've heard them both, please cast a vote.

The great Tom Hanks ladies and gentlemen...

And now me...

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