The quick-thinking Colts see an opportunity to expand their fan base after news breaks on Tuesday that the Rams are packing up and heading west to Los Angeles.

In case you missed, all 32 owners voted in favor of the move that will see the Rams leave St. Louis, their home since 1994, to the bright lights of Hollywood, their home from 1946 until 1994 beginning with the upcoming 2016 season.

Seeing a chance to seize an opportunity, the official Colts Twitter account published the following tweet Wednesday morning:

Of course the Colts aren't the only option for fans in St. Louis who no longer have a home team to pull for. While I'm sure there's some that will stick with the Rams despite the fact they'll play their home games over 1,800 miles away, there's no doubt some will switch allegiance for the simple fact their feelings are hurt, like a divorce where one side is hoping to work things out, and the other side has already found another love.

The Colts are the closest option in terms of mileage (240.7 as noted in the tweet), but the Kansas City Chiefs are a close second at 249 miles, and the Chicago Bears aren't much farther at just under 300 miles (297, according to Google Maps).

Maybe I'm a little bias being a Colts fan, but despite a lousy season in 2015, as long as Andrew Luck is healthy and under center, the team's future looks bright, whereas I'm not so sure the same can be said for Kansas City and the Bears. Yes, the Chiefs are in the playoffs this year, but Alex Smith (who I think is better than people give him credit for), is in his 10th year already after being drafted first overall in 2005. How many years does he have left? Five, maybe six, tops? Luck easily has a decade of good years left and hasn't even hit his prime yet.

So, Rams fans, if you want to jump on board with a proven winner (2015 season excluded), I personally invite you to jump on the Colts bandwagon. The more the merrier!

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