The Indianapolis Colts won't take the field for their first regular season game until September 11th when they host the Detroit Lions, but for fans itching to see the new Quarterback-Center tandem of Andrew Luck and 2016 first round pick, Ryan Kelly in action, the team offered fans a quick view from Tuesday's mini-camp practice on Twitter.

The one-second video loop features Kelly snapping the ball to Luck before stepping to his right to block a non-existent defender (this is just a drill after all). Also featured in the clip is tight end, Dwayne Allen, who appears to be lined up as a fullback in this particular set, and 2014 second round pick, Jack Mewhort stepping out of the left guard position.

Again, it's not much (very little actually), but it's enough of a tease to get fans like myself excited for what the upcoming season may bring after watching Luck deal with a rotating door of centers through his entire career.

What I find even more exciting than the duo at work, is seeing Andrew Luck back in action after having his 2015 season cut short due to a lacerated kidney he suffered in the win over Denver on November 28th.

By the reaction several analysts had after the Colts selected Kelly with the 18th overall pick, fans should get used to seeing images like the clip above for many years to come.

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