Funky Food Games Tuesday, October 4, 2022

What could go wrong with a little game of Chomp & Chug? I have to confess that I keep calling this game by the wrong name. It's actually CHOW & CHUG. This is a relay game, and we once again went against our Central band moms, Laurie and Erin.


Huge shout-out to Evansville Rescue Mission's mac & cheese.

Yes, their mac & cheese deserves a stand alone round of applause. On the chomping block we had the Fiesta Mac, because it was also National Taco Day. The challenge entailed eating all of the fiesta mac, then tagging in the next team member to chug a quart of ice cold apple cider. 

Hidden Talents Revealed

I don't enjoy losing, and that sometimes gets me into a bit of trouble. This time, I discovered that I have a now not so hidden talent of being able to chug apple cider at the speed of light. I should probably start working on my superhero costume for that LOL!

Down the Hatch in :25 Seconds

Funky Food Games Recap and Preview of Day 3

As if supporting over 130 local schools, organizations, and charities wasn't enough incentive to visit the West Side Nut Club Fall Festival, we have decided to really embrace the foods along Franklin Street. And by embrace, I mean participate in daily Funky Food Games with Ron Rhodes from WEHT on Lifestyles.

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