You've heard of the Waverly Hills Sanatorium, but have you heard of the Indiana State Sanatorium?

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Indiana State Sanatorium

Located in Rockville, Indiana sits the old Indiana State Sanatorium.  According to the Indiana State University Library, the Indiana State Sanatorium was once called the Indiana State Tuberculosis Hospital and was opened in 1907.  The Sanatorium had great success with curing tuberculosis and in 1919 the name was changed to the Indiana State Sanatorium.  The old building was abandoned in 2011 but then purchased in 2020 where the new owner sets up tours and overnight stays (IndyStar).

It's said that the Indiana State Sanatorium is said to be a prime location for hearing disembodied voices, seeing apparitions, and a hotbed of poltergeist activity.  If you think you're brave enough to roam around the grounds of the old sanatorium yourself, you can check out the Indiana State Sanatorium's different tour options, here.

Indiana State Sanatorium Convention

In August, the Indiana State Sanatorium will be hosting a convention that any fan of the paranormal will want to attend. Indiana State Sanatorium Con will be held on August 18th and 19th 2023.  The two-day convention will include plenty of spooky for your dollar.  On top of being about to roam around the property and check out the abandoned buildings for yourself, you can also participate in actual ghost hunts, and meet special guests, and paranormal pros who will be attending the convention.


Special guests for ISS Con include:

⛔️Hosted by: Resident Undead -Adam Kimmell, Rebecca Kirschbaum, Chris Musgrove, Eric McGill, David Woolever, Ady Gaddis and Jeff Fent.
⛔️Special guest: Kalani Ghost Hunter
⛔️Special guest: Steve Brodt and Dylan Stevens
⛔️Special guest: Christopher Lee Jansen
⛔️Special guest: Paranormal Encounters
⛔️Special guest: ACG Paranormal
⛔️Special guest: Spirit Stalkers
⛔️Special guest: Blood Moon Paranormal
⛔️Special guest: Charm City Paranormal
⛔️Special guest: Skulls and Kittens
⛔️Special guest: Wulf Paranormal

If you're interested in going, tickets are on sale now, you can check out all of the information and purchase tickets to ISS Con through the ISS Con Facebook event page, here.

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