The past few years have been tough on retail stores, forcing many big names to close or file for bankruptcy protection. There are rumblings that the same thing could happen to popular restaurants.

Restaurant Chains Applebee's And IHOP To Close Over 100 Stores
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Applebee's has 2 Locations in Evansville, Indiana

Applebee's closed 46 locations last year because the locations were underperforming. We don't have a list of the specific locations but the company reported that between 25 to 35 locations will likely close in 2024.

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Wendy's has 4 Locations in Evansville, Indiana

Wendy's has been known for their square burger patties since 1969. And if you are of a certain age, you know the classic Wendy's experience included eating inside the atrium. In the first 3 months of 2024, Wendy's has closed 27 locations, including one on Evansville's Northside.

Wendy's Reports Rise In Q1 Earnings With 13 Percent Increase In Same Store Sales
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MOD Pizza has 1 Location in Evansville, Indiana

I'm really surprized that Eat This, Not That is reporting that more MOD Pizza locations could close in 2024. Several locations in California did close this year, but that was after the minimum wage went up to $20 an hour. So, hopefully, that is not a trend that will continue.


Cracker Barrel

We have one lonely Cracker Barrel location in Evansville, and it's tucked away on the Eastside. I honestly forget it is there, which might be why foot traffic is down, and some Cracker Barrel restaurants have had to close their doors.

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Cracker Barrel Restaurants Lawsuit
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Hardee's has 3 Evansville Locations and 1 in Newburgh, Indiana

Several Hardee's locations in Illinois have closed this year, and so now we are wondering about our Southern Indiana locations. According to Food Business News, there has been some restructuring of the company and separating the Carl Jr. brand from Hardee's. The company's new leadership team has not hinted about further closures, so far anyway.

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PHOTO: GOOGLE MAPS SEPT 2022 pizza hut
PHOTO: GOOGLE MAPS SEPT 2022 pizza hut

Is Pizza Hut Closing All Dining Rooms?

This question has its own thread on Reddit, and it made me stop and think about how many Pizza Huts still offer dine-in around Evansville, Indiana. The answer to that question is zero for now.

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