Holy moly! If you have moles in your yard you know all about the holes they dig. But what happens when they get into your house? Is it legal to just 'Wack the mole'? Before you grab the mallet let's explore the legal ways to rid your house of the mole.


How Does a Mole Get Into Your House?

My sweetheart dog Molly loves to hunt and dig in the yard. That's pretty normal for a dog. Sometimes she brings us presents from the backyard. I was not prepared for the furry half-dead, half-alive creature that she brought into the house. I saw blood and fur. I couldn't even tell what it was. My son went downstairs to find whatever it was, but it was gone! There was no blood trail and no sign of this mysterious creature.


We have a history of raccoons living in our attic, so hearing weird noises is something we are used to. But there was a rodent or baby animal of some sort scratching to get out of the downstairs woodwork. As you'll hear in the TikTok video I put together, it sounded like an army of trash pandas ready to attack.

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Is it Legal to Kill Moles in Indiana?

In Indiana, moles are classified as nuisance animals, and it is legal to kill them. However, there are some restrictions on the methods used to kill them. For example, the use of poison gas or explosives is prohibited.


Mole Control in Indiana: Exploring Your Options

From the Indiana DNR:

>Moles are beneficial by providing insect control and aerating the soil. Moles are insectivores and eat grubs, termites, sowbugs, slugs, snails, millipedes, centipedes, ants, beetles, earthworms, crickets, and spiders.
  • A permit is not needed from the DNR to trap or kill moles
  • Moles are sensitive to concussion, so smacking a shovel on the ground above a mole in its surface tunnel will often kill it instantly


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