Sometimes inventions aren't based on a new idea no one has ever thought of before. Sometimes, they're an improvement on an idea that already exists. For example, this more stylish and secure way to keep your toddler safe inside your home created by two brothers from Indiana.

The Story Behind Indiana-Based Socket Shield USA

You know those plastic plugs that have been around for what seems like forever that are designed to keep your small child from sticking their fingers or something else into an electric socket? They were a great idea when they first hit the market thanks to their simplicity and effectiveness. My wife and I had them in almost every outlet in our home when our now 18 and 16-year-old teenagers were younger. I'm guessing that if you have young kids in your house, you likely have a few too.

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Jool Baby Products via Amazon
Jool Baby Products via Amazon

As simple as they are to use, they do have their drawbacks. How many times have you taken one out to plug something in, then forgot to put it back once you were done? Or, how many have you lost? Or, maybe worst, how many have you stepped on?

Meet Austin and Alex Oliver, owners of Oliver Innovations in Evansville who took the concept of the plug and upgraded it with Socket Shield, an easy-to-install cover for the electrical outlets that not only keeps your toddler safe but looks way better than the plugs.

Maybe I'm a little biased because they're from my hometown, but I think this is a brilliant idea. I like the look, how easy they seem to install, and the clever way you unlock them when you need to use them.

The Amazon Bump

Socket Shield is available to buy through the company's website and as well as through Amazon, which, according to a post on the Socket Shield Facebook page, recently gave the product a nice bump when it named it, the "#1 New Release in Electrical Safety Baby Products."

Congrats to Austin and Alex on their success. Way to represent the Hoosier State!

[Source: Socket Shield / Socket Shield on Facebook]

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