A Facebook friend, Jeremy White, shared an interesting graphic showing the new rules for COVID-19 on Quebec. Their directives are pretty extreme, compared to what we've gotten used to here in America. Honestly, it doesn't look like you can do very much, except go to school for the next four weeks.

Restaurants can only use their drive thru or delivery, and there are no deliveries allowed past the curfew. Bars and casinos are closed. Even though pharmacies and gas stations are allowed to remain open past curfew, they can only sell essentials, and guess what - Alcohol is not considered essential. Oh, and that curfew is from 8:00 P.M.- 5:00 A.M. Police are issuing fines for violations. They don't mess around in Canada.

There are specific rules for classrooms, and some students are still remotely learning. You aren't even allowed to have someone from another house visit you, with a few exceptions. You can't go to the gym or church.

After seeing this information, I think we can complain just a little less about what we are doing to end COVID-19.


Read the complete list HERE.

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