The 3rd annual MY Big Fat 80's Wedding is in the books, and it was amazing. The fact that we even had a wedding at is pretty incredible. We weren't sure if we'd be able to, due to health and safety concerns - but once we were given the green light, we were able to put together a really sweet event. The couple was able to pick out a couple beautiful rings (thanks to the Diamond Galleria). The venue was beautiful (thanks City View at Sterling Square) and the decorations were totally rad, as always (thanks Event Montage). Those things would be meaningless, though, without a couple lovebirds to enjoy them - and once again, we had a great couple that allowed us to be a part of their big day.

Liberty and I are so thankful that Scott and Andrea have known each other most of their lives. They have already started, and raised, an awesome family - and a really unique wedding like this seems like a good way to put a period on this particular chapter of their life. Now they can begin the next chapter - who knows what it will include.

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We're pretty doggone proud of our wedding, and we want to make sure you have the chance to see it if you want. So, here is the Facebook live video of the ceremony. We also have the audio from our live broadcast, just in case you can't hear as well as you'd like on the video. And then keep scrolling to see some pics from the wedding.

2021 Big Fat 80's Wedding Broadcast

2021 MY Big Fat 80's Wedding