Yesterday morning my wife sent me a link to this RompHim product, then I saw a buddy post about it thing you know it has gone full blown viral. The more I see about it, the more I think I want one...and the more I realize how ridiculous I would look in one!

People seem to be losing their minds over the RompHim, either in support or in opposition. Me? Well, like most things I couldn't really care less. I mean, why should I (or anyone else) care if some dude wants to put on a grown-up onesie? Sure, the concept maybe seems ridiculous and/or unnecessary. The pictures and the patterns don't really help matters either. But if you're not going to buy one then why do you care? I'm pretty sure we won't see anyone walking around in a RompHim here in the Tri-State, so what's the big deal? And if you really think about it, how is it really that much different from a normal summertime outfit? If you cut the thing in half and throw a belt around the waist you have a shirt and shorts, much like I have on right now.

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