This morning, I saw an interesting article about the looming new fad that seems to be at every kid's birthday party... the goody bag. And just try Googling "No Goody Bags" and see the barrage of hate these solicit from parents. I hate the tear in my contact and leg day the way that these parents hate goody bags. (So. Much. Hate.) Some just hate the candy. Some hate the toys... Personally, I just throw them away after a party because I have to pick up the pieces and it's annoying.

I think more than anything, though, parents hate having to make them. As a working parent, I GET IT. Ain't nobody got time to go running all over town and the internet to find little treats for the kids who attend the party that are basically a throwaway. But, I have also been to birthday parties when my daughter was small and for the little kids it can alleviate the anxiety of ONE PERSON OPENING ALL THE GIFTS. Their minds don't understand and as much as I'm all about teaching kids the ropes of life, there are other ways to get the point across when they are a little older.

For my daughter's fifth birthday, we rented a water inflatable for all the kids to enjoy. Fun fact, littles all through teens love those things. I went a little overboard and put together a Birthday Party Survival Kit:

  • Colorful Towels
  • Sunscreen
  • Snack
  • Drink
  • Bubbles
  • Water Toys

Yes, I know it was extra. I know every parent there was hating my guts. But, here's the thing: they were items they could use at the party and continue to use after the party. I had about $5 invested in each child. For me, it was easier than keeping up with my own good towels, continuously hand out drinks and snacks, and make sure each child was appropriately sunscreened. And since we had the party at home, we factored that into the budget. Bottom line: it worked for me and our family.

Now, will I judge you if you invite my child to your child's birthday party and not provide goody bags? Nope! We are thankful to be invited and celebrate your child's special day with him or her. And, honestly, I think this is how most people feel. If they do judge you, they suck. They can go blog about it or something but they really should just GET OVER IT. :)


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