Facebook has a new 'Face', and I'm not okay with it. Late last week Facebook forced its new design on me, and I still can't get used to it. It's even more of a pain to use if you run a business page. My eyeballs hurt just looking at it. Thankfully, the mobile app has not changed, so I do as much as I can from my phone.

This new design is just one of many things that I cannot stand about Facebook. I'm not even talking about the garbage that is shared. I'm wondering why I can no longer create polls. That feature just disappeared one day, with no explanation. Also, why do I continue to see posts that I've already seen, over and over. And some days I continuously see posts from three days ago!

Well, I'm not alone in my angst with Facebook. Here are just some of the comments from fellow disgruntled users. Of course, these all come from Twitter, because you can't complain about Facebook on Facebook, Right?

I Say the New Facebook Design is Malarkey & The Internet Agrees

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