There will be a plethora of 'King' cakes prepared and served this time of year. The delicious strudel is a Mardi Gras tradition, but do you know the meaning/origin of the King cake? I didn't - until today - and I had no idea the King cake had to do with THAT.

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First, let me just say that I feel extra confident that this information is correct because it comes straight from the Mardi Gras homeland. Here at the station, we received an authentic Mardi Gras King Cake, made in and delivered from Tubbs Cajun Gifts in Louisiana. On the side of the box there was an explanation about how the King cake came to be and its symbolism over the years.

Would you be surprised that the King cake has a religious backstory? That makes sense, right, considering the Mardi Gras is a part of the Christian celebration of Lent and Easter. The King cake, however, goes a little further back in time - to the time when Jesus came into the world. The 'King' refers to the three Kings, or three wise men, who came to see baby Jesus. And the little plastic baby that is baked into each cake? Yep, you guessed it - that symbolizes baby Jesus. Take a second to read the rest of the story...

King Cake story

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