A lot of people are wondering why they aren't seeing their stimulus money yet. If you filed your 2019 taxes with HR Block or TurboTax, that's likely the reason you haven't received the second wave of stimulus payments.

Both HR Block & TurboTax have made posts to their respective social media accounts discussing the delays. HR Block has pointed out that if you are visiting the IRS Get My Payment website, you may see your stimulus going to a different account than you normally use for banking. It turns out that unknown account number is a reference to HR Block's Refund Transfer. Basically, the IRS sent your money to HR Block and now HR Block has to send the payment to you. Based on some of the comments on the page, it appears that the payments from HR Block are making their way to customers now.

For TurboTax customers, The tax service provider says that they send the "appropriate banking information" to the IRS but claim the IRS may have just sent payments to the accounts that have been closed or are inactive in their haste to get the stimulus payments out. If that's the case, the financial institutions holding the incorrect accounts have to send the funds back to the IRS and then the IRS will re-issue the payments. There is no word on how long that is expected to take.

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