If you're like me and Liberty, you're probably thinking out loud, "I didn't even know Evansville had a flag!" and you're not alone. The fact is, Evansville doesn't really have a city flag. It's basically just our city seal put onto some material.

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I think it's because of this revelation that the initiative to create a new flag was born. There were actually a couple different groups of people who, unbeknownst to the other groups, started working towards a new flag campaign. Once they realized they were all working towards the same thing, they decided to join forces and, BAM, here we are!

Joelle Knight and Dalton Bosze' are on the committee for the Evansville Flag Project. They came on the MY Morning Show to tell us all about this exciting opportunity for folks to have input, to create, design and to vote on a new flag for the city of Evansville.

The Evansville Flag Project is officially underway today (2/18)! Visit EvansvilleFlag.com to learn more about the process, and how you can be a part of it.

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