If you are one of those insane people to likes to intentionally get up early on Thanksgiving just to go run a handful of miles, don't worry, you're still gonna be able to do that this year. By the way, you know I only call you 'insane' because I wish I had that much discipline and will power, right?

The 31st Annual Fifth Third Bank Turkey Day 5K, benefitting the Evansville Goodwill is still happening, but it'll look like just about every other fundraising event in 2020 - it's going virtual. While it's absolutely disappointing that the streets of downtown Evansville won't be full of people on Thanksgiving morning, there actually are a couple positives to being held virtually. First, doing the event online allows a lot more people to participate. Folks who want to support the Goodwill, but don't live here, or are maybe traveling on Thanksgiving can now be a part of the race from wherever they are. Secondly, when it's a virtual run/walk you don't have to actually do the 5K. I mean, feel free to pay the registration cost, which will absolutely help the Goodwill, and you'll still the special t-shirt whether you do the 5K or not - nobody will know the difference!

We had the chance to talk with Connie Ralph, CEO of the Evansville Goodwill, and Court Kull, President of Fifth Third Bank. They told us how to participate virtually, and they discussed an exciting new program coming to the Goodwill. Take a listen!

Fifth Third Bank/Evansville Goodwill Turkey Day 5K

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