I'm glad to report that Nathan and I are still on speaking terms after the incident that transpired during this week's edition of This or That. It was touch and go there for a few seconds, and I wasn't sure what would happen - but, cooler heads prevailed, and it ended up being all good in the hood.

Our This or That contestant this week is Nathan Jochum, the Marketing, Communications & Special Events Coordinator at Aurora Evansville. He was doing an awesome job with our questions, giving some really thoughtful explanations of his answers. He and Liberty and I were getting along great, until we got to the final question, which had to do with the proper way to put cups away in your cabinet/cupboard. I thought for sure that he and I would be on the same page, especially when he told us how 'neurotic' he is - come to find out, we were NOT on the same page. Instead, he and Liberty were on one side of the debate, while I was all alone on the other side. I quickly realized I was outnumbered and outmatched. I admitted defeat, knowing it was better to live and fight another day.

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In addition to the cup discussion, we also asked Nathan about his music preferences, his sleepy-time routine, and his thoughts on the best tomato-based condiment. You're dying to hear what he had to say, aren't you? Well, go ahead and have yourself a listen.

This or That with Nathan Jochum from Aurora

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