I've made space on my kitchen counter for the Crock-Pot! We retire it in the summer, since we grill out a lot. There are so many amazing recipes that you can make with a slow cooker, but I stick to basically the same thing every time.

I love Stubb's Sauce! It comes with everything you need for a great flavor. I found these at Meijer.


My 2 Favorite Mixes. Photo by Liberty

I usually use all of this for 6 large chicken breasts. I also cook it in the finishing sauce, but you might want to actually use it on the cooked chicken.

My "Secret" Recipe Photo by Liberty

To make mornings easier, I prepare everything the night before, and let it marinate in the fridge.

Just cover & put in the fridge. Photo by Liberty

Then, I dump the bowl into the Crock-Pot, and set the timer for 8 Hours on High. These are the giant chicken breasts from The Fresh Market. If you get smaller ones, it won't take as long.


Set timer & head to work! Photo by Liberty

Then, you'll come home to a house that smells delish, and a meal that is almost ready!

It will shred easily with a fork. Perfect over a potato or salad!

The chicken will almost shred itself. Photo by Liberty

You can also find the Stubb's seasonings and sauces, without the entire mix. Plus, they are all Gluten Free!