This morning, on the My Morning Show, Stacey and I discussed birthdays: specifically summer and Christmas birthdays.

Stacey is stressed out because she didn't catch the contact info from her son's classmates before school let out and he doesn't have a lot of close friends outside of school to invite to a birthday party.

I have a January birthday and I think Christmas birthdays are the worst for multiple reasons.

  1. People act like they are doing you some big favor by giving you one gift for both occasions.
  2. Everyone is too busy or too spent from Christmas to celebrate your birthday.
  3. You get all your gifts at one time so it's not as exciting.
  4. Pool parties are way better than snow parties.
  5. You run the risk of friends getting stuck at your house for multiple days in the event of a blizzard - which DID happen to me.

So we took our question to Facebook and posed the question. See below if you'd like to answer! The consensus was that Christmas birthdays far outsuck summer birthdays. Jesus' birthday trumps yours. That's all there is to it. And how can you argue with it? He's JESUS!

Now, instead of sitting here and always complaining about everything, my goal is to offer solutions. My solution to anyone out there who doesn't care for your birthday day is to have an unbirthday! Pick a day that you want to host your birthday and skip your actual birthday this year and celebrate on your chosen day. Make it Facebook official and you have to stick to it. It's not fair to celebrate twice during the year. If you are an adult, pick a really fun thing to do to celebrate with friends and/or family like a concert, cookout, or just dinner at a nice restaurant.

Our friend, Breanna Black has actually tried it and her son LOVED it.

Same birthday as my oldest son! We celebrate with family on day of his birthday with cake and dinner of his choice. ALWAYS birthday gift wrap (or bag, let’s be honest.) We usually have friend party week before, though this year he chose to wait and celebrate in the summer. My 1053 WJLT it was a ball! June 23 1/2 birthday to Holiday World!

So there you go! And to celebrate, my un-birthday this year will be July 18th. So, please feel free to send gifts to:

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