Lazy Summer Days Make Me Nostalgic

Some days when I turn on Netflix, or HBO Max, or Prime, I want to see the latest blockbuster movie. It doesn't matter if it's amazing or it stinks - it's new and I have to see it. But on hot, sticky summer afternoons, I feel nostalgic and have a hankering to rewatch a movie that is old but stuck with me somehow. This past weekend, I dug through the retro movies lists on all my streaming services in hopes of finding a gem. Then, there it was.

I had to wait until my eight-year-old went to bed to watch it since it was PG-13. So, I rustled her upstairs and settled in for a night with one of my favs, Kevin Costner. This movie had it all: action, adventure, the F--- word to solidify that PG-13 rating, plenty of blood, smoochy love, wild feathery hair, and even Kevin Costner's white butt (from a safe distance of course). I think you know what movie I'm talking about... Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves. 

You Remember the Song

I remember listening to the radio one summer many years ago and hearing this uhhh-mazing love song. You know the one... "(Everything I Do) I Do It For You" by Bryan Adams. The DJs were all a buzz about the song and the movie from which it was the title track. I had to see it. In the theater. Up until then, I'd only ever watched Disney and Don Bluth movies. I had three channels and movie theater trips were far and few between in those days. My most adult viewing experience was hearing about the grisly murders on Unsolved Mysteries with my mom. But, somehow I convinced an adult to take my best friend and me to see the unforgettable flick.

Happy 30th Birthday RHPOT

Now, this morning, I saw a post on Facebook that took back a bit. It was from the official Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves Facebook page (yes, it's a thing) and it said, "On this day in 1991, Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves was released. #30thAnniversary." Okay, uhhh 1991? I was just about my daughter's age when this came out! Which means, some adult took elementary schoolers to see this obviously adult movie that they had been dying to see. Which means, I saw Kevin Costner's white butt when I was a child. A CHILD!

So, I was like WHO TOOK ME? I know it wasn't one of my parents. My best guess is that one of my friend's parents gave in and took us to the theater and we told them we'd be going to a kid movie and that person trusted us to do so. I mean, it was 1991. It was before parents had trust issues. Or maybe, they did go with us and thought, "PG-13, eh close enough" and accompanied us thinking we'd hear a salty word or two. Can you imagine the horror this parent felt when the butt came on the big screen and thoughts of me running home to tell my parents about tales of gore at the hands of heartless, cold villains, and salty F-words, and delicious male anatomy came spilling from my lips?!

I realized something though.

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It's Part of My Coming of Age Story

I didn't remember any of those things. I just remember seeing an epic, life-changing movie with my best friend on a hot summer day. I remember drinking a cold soda, and salty popcorn, and eating delicious Peanut M&Ms (my favorite). I remember hearing that song when the credits played and thought, "I could definitely marry Kevin Costner." I also remember thinking, "I'm glad he didn't wear tights."

I remember growing up a little bit that day.

So, Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves probably won't be on my daughter's summer watch list but I'm not going to freak out if she hears some salty language now and then or even sees the backside of a dude - by accident, of course. She'll turn out just fine and it might even be in a movie that holds a special place in her heart forever.

Want to watch Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves? Rent or buy it here.

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