As much as I love concerts and live music, I'm very picky about how much I'll pay for a ticket. For me, it really depends on the artist, and the venue. I won't pay an enormous price to see anyone outdoors, because of the weather, and the sound usually isn't as good. I think $40-$50 is a fair price. I will, and have, paid more for closer seats. I would say $75 is the most I've ever paid for a single ticket.

Taylor Swift End Game Video Shoot
Kevin Winter, Getty Images

I just can't justify paying $100+ knowing that I'm going to buy at least 1 t-shirt, and drinks. Inflated ticket prices are affecting Taylor Swift's Reputation Tour. I just checked Ticketmaster, and for her stop at Papa Johns Stadium in June, the lowest price is $85 plus fees!! There were a couple of $43.50 seats, but they are just single seats. There are some tickets with a platinum price of $1200+!! That's for 1 seat! I really think that concert tickets should be a little more reasonable, so that people on a budget can actually get decent seats.

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