Our friends from Historic Newburgh, Inc just released a statement about the Independence Day Celebration scheduled for this Friday. Unfortunately, mother nature has forced them to change their plans. Here is the announcement from their Facebook page.

Due to circumstances beyond our control the fireworks are postponed until Labor day weekend on Saturday, August 31.

The level of the Ohio River is too high for the fireworks company to be permitted to shoot the fireworks. While the river level is going down, there is 2ft to 4ft of mud on the boat ramp that cannot safely be cleared in time for the fireworks.

We have worked tirelessly for months to try to secure a barge for this event, with no luck. We have no other option for location on the riverfront due to state regulations for distance fireworks must be from buildings.

All times for the event, parking information, and food vendors will be the same on August 31.

VIP Buttons and VIP Reserved Seats are still valid for the August 31 date.

I can promise you that the folks at HNI have tried everything they can to make this event happen. I can only imagine how frustrated and disappointed they must be.

And I can also promise that the Labor Day party is going to be amazing!

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