HGTV has renovated the Brady Bunch House, and every year the channel outdoes itself with the HGTV Dream Home. What's next? How about an entire town!

If you've ever watched Home Town, you know that Erin and Ben Napier know how to restore a house to it's original beauty. In addition to restoring houses in their home town of Laurel, Mississippi the couple have played a pivotal role in revitalizing their downtown. Now, they are ready to take on an entire town! In HGTV's upcoming 6 episode series, Home Town Takeover, the Napiers will work to bring life back into the winning small town.

From now until Tuesday, February 4, 2020, any citizen of a small town (population 40,000 or less) who loves their own hometown can go to and log on to show, tell – and sell – HGTV on why theirs is the one town most deserving to be featured in the special series.

Applicants should strive to highlight aspects of their town that make it special, fascinating, historic or unique — including distinctive features like vintage period architecture, special destinations or a classic main street. Photos are good, but video is even better.

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I can think of several towns in the Tri-State that could be strong contenders for a renovation. Think small population, buildings and home that have unique architecture, and parks that need sprucing up.

Haubstadt, IN

This little down is full of German heritage, and that's celebrated every summer with the Haubstadt Sommerfest. Haubstadt is also home to Tri-State Speedway.

Haubstadt Downtown Google Earth

Owensville, IN

With a population of just over 1,200 and a little downtown that could use some tlc, Owensville would be a great choice for a renovation.

Owensville Downtown Google Earth

Patoka, IN

There are so many empty buildings that could really be nice, with the help of HGTV.

Patoka Downtown Google Earth

Princeton, IN

My home town of Princeton is my top pick for Home Town Takeover. Now, there have been a ton of improvements in the past few years, but the downtown buildings really need help.

Princeton Downtown Google earth

Erin and Ben would certainly get some inspiration from the majestic courthouse and the city's history.

Photo: Barry E Blood Sr.