I have always loved the performing arts.  Growing up, I was involved in different choirs as well as theatre.  There aren’t many things like seeing a live show.  Unfortunately, this year, there have not been many live performances of any kind.  Thanks, Rona.  Whether or not local venues, like the Evansville Civic Theatre, get to put on live shows or not, they still have bills to pay.  Here’s where you come in.

Recently the Evansville Civic Theatre has launched a campaign to help keep the theatre open during this mess of a year we call 2020.  The “Save Civic Theatre Campaign” was launched last week and will continue until a goal of $135,000 is met.  This would help keep the theatre open until the beginning of next season.  Right now, you can simply go to evvcivic.org to donate.

Besides donating directly to the website, there are other ways you can help out the Civic Theatre.  If you follow the Evansville Civic Theatre Facebook you can stay in the know.  For example; if you go to Azzip Pizza today or tomorrow 20 percent of the sales will go to the theatre.  Also, from now until December 4 you can buy a Jim David Meats Pre-cooked ham through the Civic Theatre.

Now, just because there are no in-person shows happening at the moment, doesn’t mean the Civic Theatre isn’t still going to entertain you.  They will be streaming a few different shows through their website.  Including a “Christmas Radio Hour” that will feature local singers and actors performing different Christmas songs and stories.

If can help out the Evansville Civic Theatre, please do.  They have been entertaining us for 95 years and I think that it’s only fair that we return the favor!

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