In these crazy times that we are living in, I'm thankful that we have some of our favorite characters to provide some comfort. Ok, technically, Disney brought back the 'Bedtime Hotline' for our kids, but if you're a Disney fan like I am, you will enjoy this.

Even though it is a bedtime call, it's available anytime. We called it before 5:00 A.M. and got through to Mickey Mouse.

When you call the special number, you will have the option to get hear a message from Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Daisy or Goofy. You can only get through to one character per call, but you can call more than once.

Call 1-877-7-MICKEY (642539)

Option 1 - Mickey Mouse

Option 2 - Minnie Mouse

Option 3 - Donald Duck

Option 4 - Daisy Duck

Option 5 - Goofy

Disney has put together some sleep activity cards you can find those Here.

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