The Princeton Public Library has been undergoing a $5 million dollar expansion, and it's almost complete. The COVID-19 pandemic has slowed some of the progress, but they are working toward a grand opening.

COVID-19 also threw a wrench in their fundraising auction, which has been postponed. So, they are getting creative with their fundraising efforts. You could actually have part of the library named after you! I think that is so cool. The library still has a few expensive items to purchase; Two refrigerators and two microwaves. They have been given a quote of $1800.00. So, the naming rights of the kitchen in the library will go to the highest bidder, and the bidding starts at $1800.00. Pretty cool, right? Maybe you were looking for something to do with that stimulus check. I'd say leaving your mark on the Princeton Public Library would be a solid choice.

If you want to bid or find out more, message them on Facebook or call 812-385-4464. Bidding ends Friday, May 8, 2020 at Noon.

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