I guess the makers of Heinz just got bored with plain old condiments. Or maybe they realize that folks really enjoy mixing other products with their yummy sauces. Regardless of their motivation, some strange new Heinz products are here!

Let's start with the most bizarre...a spread that combines mayo and mustard with Cadbury Creme Eggs. Maybe this is just a British thing, cause this one is only being released in London (for now).

Now on to something that makes a little more sense, I guess. Heinz apparently recognizes what we all knew already...that ranch makes just about everything better. I don't know about this combo though. Ranch and ketchup? Is that a thing that people eat? Well it is now. Heinz recently release KRANCH! This 'savory sauce' joins previously released (self-explanatory) products MAYOMUST, MAYOCHUP and MAYOCUE.

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