Our friends from the Evansville Police Department are back for another edition of You Down with EPD? (Yeah, you know me!) This week we’re joined again by Taylor Merriss, the EPD’s Special Projects Coordinator, and by Anna Gray, the EPD’s new Public Information Officer (PIO). If Anna’s name sounds kind of familiar, that’s because she used to be a regular guest a few years ago when we did our Cops vs. Jocks segments. Anna was formerly part of the EPD’s Crime Prevention Unit, then she worked as a Detective, and now she’s been promoted to PIO.

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We asked Taylor and Anna our question of the day - which was perfect for a couple of police officers – what is something that’s not illegal but you wish it was? For example, I would personally say putting a half-eaten bowl of cereal in the sink and not rinsing it out should absolutely be illegal. You see what I’m saying, right, nothing too serious here. We were talking about Taylor and Anna’s answer when, all of the sudden, Liberty got triggered. She got all worked over something that we talked about earlier in the week – and that led us to talk to Taylor and Anna about being a “Karen.” I’m proud of Anna for having the courage to admit to kind of acting like a “Karen” fairly recently – but what was it that set her off? Take a listen to our interview to hear her explain.

You know, Liberty and I have always enjoyed talking to the great men and women from the Evansville Police Department, but after a year of doing nothing but phone interviews, it is so nice to have people back in our studio again. We are so looking forward to our weekly You Down With EPD? Segments on the MY Morning Show.

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