This past Friday, I heard the sound of the all-too-normal ping of Facebook messenger notifications. It was my friend, Abbey. Every day, she sends, "My fun email of the day!"

Abbey, who is the news director at a local media outlet, and I have been best friends for years and I am used to her showing me negative emails or messages that she gets from people but I've never seen anything like this.

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This is disgraceful! My heart aches for my friend. Abbey is strong and has a very thick skin but this is really hurtful. In her career, she reports the news and also gives her opinion in her column. She is a loving mom, wife, and is active in women's advocacy in our community. And, she believes in equality and love for all people.

The worst part was what she said to me. "Seriously? You'd tell me right?"

Doubt- that is what this message gave her. Tears filled my eyes.

WHY---- WHY?!?! Why do we have to be so mean to others? Why can't we meet people where they are.

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Abbey must have said something she didn't agree with and decided to tell her that she was an "embarrassment to women and moms everywhere."

Where is the grace, love, and tolerance for others? If you come across someone that irks or annoys you, or think they made the wrong decisions, or disagree with their demeanor, or just don't like them - please please practice acceptance, love, and tolerance of others.

We are trying so hard to be the best we can and we fail all the time. How awful is it when someone makes us doubt ourselves? Let's lift each other up with support and kindness.


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