It’s been about two weeks since singer, actress, icon Olivia Newton-John passed away.

When I read that, my heart dropped. I have so many memories of Grease, listening to the soundtrack with my cousins. There’s barely a person on earth who hasn’t seen the hit movie musical. However, if you haven’t seen it or you want to see it on the big screen again, you’re in luck.

Beginning August 19th, select AMC theaters around the country will be showing Grease, and admission is just five dollars. Through AMC Cares, one dollar of each ticket sold, in honor of Newton-John, will be donated to breast cancer research.

So where near the Tri-State can you see this special run of Grease? I found it will be showing at AMC theaters in Louisville, and in both Franklin and Spring Hill TN (those towns are about 30-45 minutes respectively south of Nashville). You can search for an AMC theater HERE. I'm hoping more theaters will be added to help the cause. And I mean when is the last time you paid just five bucks to see a movie in a theater?


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