As I was heading to my appointment to freeze at Evansville Cryo, I literally froze when I looked over and saw an actual DeLorean for sale. If you've ever heard us talk about movies, you know that the Back to the Future trilogy is one of my favorites. In fact, Back to the Future II is my favorite movie. It kind of combines the best parts of part I and III in one movie. I love it so much, I actually got Bobby to dress up with me for Halloween.

Bobby & Liberty Halloween 2019
Bobby & Liberty Halloween 2019

When we dressed up, I said that it's too bad that we don't have a DeLorean to take a picture with. You certainly don't see them everyday. There were only around 9,000 DeLoreans produced, because they aren't exactly the sporty time machine that we see in the movies. If you were to purchase the one that sits on the lot at Lux Motors, it is possible to transform it into a look-alike. Figuring out time travel might take a little more cash than any of have.

DeLorean Time Machines is a company in Florida that replicates parts of the movie version, so you can add custom pieces, but it's not cheap. The Flux Capacitor alone is $899.00.

You can even hire impersonators!

Of course, you will need the California replica plate.

The model version is in my budget.

Comparison: Back to the Future DeLorean vs Standard DeLorean

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