The WEHT Eyewitness New Daybreak crew is an awesome group of folks. Of course we know that Ron Rhodes is a knucklehead that makes us laugh everyday...Jake Boswell is a cool cat with a great sense of humor...and I've never met anyone that had a bad word to say about Joe Bird (he's so loveable). The newest member of the team is Gretchen Ross, and she was the latest person to jump in the hot-seat for another round of This or That.

"Hot-seat" could not be any more of an exaggeration. This or That is one of the silliest things we do, and it is certainly one of the easiest interviews our guests will ever have. We simply ask our guests a series of questions, making them choose between This answer or That one, and then explain their answer.

We know that Gretchen is a fan of music and musical theatre, so we had to ask several questions related to that - we're also curious how/if Gretchen likes to blow off steam with some adult beverages. We hit her with some tough choices, but she did a great playing along with us. You can hear all of her answers below.

Gretchen Ross - This or That interview

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