Jason Woebkenberg is the Chief Communication Officer for the Evansville Vanderburgh School Corporation (EVSC) - a position that'll keep you on your toes during any normal school year, let alone in 2020. Just like everyone else involved in education, Jason has been dealing with this doggone 'rona since the end of last school year, all through the summer, and into this new school year. As the EVSC's spokesman, I can only imagine how he is constantly being pulled in every direction by folks (like me) looking for interviews or statements about what's happening in our schools.

This time around, Jason can breath a big sigh of relief knowing that playing This or That with me and Liberty will, be one the easiest and most enjoyable things he does with local media this year. For the sake of this segment, we don't care about COVID numbers, about safeguards and guidelines, about cancellations or about virtual learning. We just want to get to know a little more about Jason, the person, the father and husband.

You'll hear Jason accuse us of asking some really tough questions, which of course is NOT our intent. We just want to talk about his eating habits, his travel habits and his streaming habits. Tough as the questions may have been, Jason did a great job answering them and playing along with us. Take a listen to his episode of This or That below.

Jason Woebkenberg plays This or That

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