So today at work, I was given the utmost responsibility. One that few in the office are asked to undertake due to the sheer weight it places on one's shoulders. Today, I was asked to make the run to Sam's for Snacks and Coffee Stirrers. Side note, is "stirrers" a real word?


So I've got my cart full of animal crackers and pretzel sticks - happily making my way to the front of the store, when what do my eyes behold?


FREE SAMPLE! They capitalized it because, my friend, free fruit snacks are nothing to be trifled with. It's Caps Lock worthy. Additional side note... Why isn't the "Caps Lock" button all caps?

Here's how the FREEOSK works... you put your member's club card with the bar code under the little red laser barcode thing... and out pops the goods.


It's legit! I received mine after a cute little saying popped up on the screen stating that: "It will be just a second, they're finding a really good sample." Nice touch FREEOSK.

What have YOU seen available in a FREEOSK? Tell us in the comments section!