When I think about former Gibson County Sheriff Allen Harmon, a few things come to mind; Watermelons, Bus driver, D.A.R.E. officer, County Commissioner, Chief Deputy, Sheriff, and just all-around nice man. I received word that he passed away today, and so I thought I'd share some memories with you. I worked for him as a Reserve Deputy and 911 Dispatcher for several years.

Harmon was the Sheriff for eight years in a row, and he was the Chief Deputy to George Ballard before that. Many students got to know him as the D.A.R.E. officer. He was always smiling and friendly, not your typical sheriff. He also had a school bus route, which proved helpful with a couple of 911 calls that I needed help with.

One time, I had a call from a frantic mom, who said her baby was choking. As I was trying to calm her down, Harmon heard the call and headed to her house. It's not easy to know where county roads and box numbers are in Gibson County, and he knew this was on his bus route. After the run was finished, he came back to dispatch to let me know that the mom wanted to thank me. She was actually a nurse, and completely forgot what to do, since it was her child in the emergency. I really appreciated the follow up, because most of the time, you never really know what happens. Oh, and he taught me how to shoot a shotgun!

Photo: Liberty Allen Harmon George Ballard
Photo: Liberty Allen Harmon George Ballard

I wanted to share some of the nice tributes from the community on the Gibson County News & Talk Facebook Page

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